About Us

The Detroit Playmakers are an inner city travel baseball team. The focus of the Detroit Playmakers organization is not “wins” and “losses” but instead we teach the “art of winning” through “discipline”, “teamwork” and most importantly, “having fun.” Our coaching staff aims to teach each player the baseball skills needed to compete at a high level and develop them into a more efficient baseball player by the end of every season. Our motto is simple, “We raise playmakers, not imitators”.       Additionally, it is our goal to have every player transfer the skills they learn from competing in baseball to enable them to be able to compete in life, no matter what challenges they may face.


     We have started construction on a new state of the art baseball field which is located on the corner of Littlefield and Grove Street across the street from Cornerstone's Lincoln-King Academy. The Playmakers will practice and play their home games on this field. They will also host baseball clinics for students that attend Cornerstone and children living in the neighborhood on different dates throughout the year. Additionally, there will be regular softball games for adults and children in the neighborhood after the field is complete. The field construction is set to be complete by mid-summer of 2015.  With the community's help, we are confident that we will continue our dream of rejuvenating baseball in the inner city.